Stephane Portha

Stephane Portha is an Internet pioneer who creates video games, who lives in Paris. He created in 1980 a news network. He was also responsible for the launching of the minitel in 1983. He worked also with France Telecom in 1995 to create the first Internet cable connection.
He has always been a fan of video games since 1972 when he discovered the game Pong : he created was one of the first video game creators in 1980 with the game Tanks on Sharp PC-1211 and ZX 81.



Stephane Portha knew that a gift wich is not sharpened by a tireless work, is only a bad habit. So he wanted to extend his experimentations, in both domains, video games design and information networks development. But he soon discovered that to experiment freely, however skilled you are, you must be your own master. That’s why he decided to build his own digital fellowship.

Creative skills

To be completely free to experiment, he became manager of several companies in the digital sector. He found the very well known Linux Services firm, he became manager of the Neogeo company, manager of the Inmob company and assistant- manager of the company. He helped to the closure of the french and the american satelites information networks, wich led to the apparition of Internet in France. Then he created the Multicable firm, to transfom the satelites network in a wired network. He also partipates to the advent of the Wanadoo service, a french internet operator. But, in paralel, he went on designing games.


game design

GRaphic design

Development skills

Stephane Portha wanted to experiment those digital field further. But he soon realised that he always need to avoid lots of brakes in his researches, because he wasn’t his own master. He discovered that beeing a free digital artist, meant becoming a businessman and his own boss. So, he launched his own company, Eurocenter, in 1989, in order to produce games the way he wanted to.

Game Development


C/C++ Development

web/ html5 games


“Ping !” is the precise noise made by the hit of the Pong game in Stephane Portha’s young mind. He was only six years old in 1972, when he discovered that his destiny was to become the digital entertaining french champion. He began his training by developing his first homemade video game at the age of 14, in 1980. He used the old and not very efficient hardware of the time: the Sharp PC-1211 and the ZX81 machine. This first “junior digital championship” led to a quite distracting game called Tank, wich earned him his first entrance in the french gaming wall of fame. He wanted to test his player skills against other players. At that period, in France, the only information network existing was the Minitel. He trained hard to understand haw this machine worked, and began to design multiplayers games especialy for its platform. In the training process, he began to contract a passion for another digital disciplin: the information networks development.
  • 1989 - Present


    Founder and CEO

    He started by founding his own video games firm, called Eurocenter, in 1989. The firm started to work immediatly, and in 1990, they offered their first multiplayers games designed for minitel. He went on building his digital fellowship, by becoming manager of several companies. He became manager of the Linux firm, manager of the Inmob company, manager of the Neogeo company, assistant-manager of the firm.

  • 1996 - 1998


    Project management

    After working to the closure of the french and american satelite’s information networks, he launched the Multicable company, in order to pass from the satelite network to the wire network. This was neither nor less than the advent of Internet in France. At the same time, he designed a smash hit game called Graalonline classical, a multiplayer opus for Minitel. To gather all his entities, he created his own group, called Eurocenter group. His digital community was built, his independence was assured.

Stephane Portha, the digital distance running champion

Stéphane Porta realised that freedom of experimentation was the most magical ingredient. But he realised also that this ingredient must be earned by becoming a business master. In 1989, in order to get this freedom of experimentation, he found his own video game production company, Eurocenter. The following year, in 1990, the company marketed a few multiplayers games designed for Minitel. He improved his independance by becoming manager of several other firms. He became manager of the Linux firm, manager of the NeoGeo firm, assistant-manager of company, and manager of the Inmob firm. His magical skills allawed him to participate to the closure of the french and americain satelites information networks, wich led to the advent of Internet in France. He created the Multicable company, helping the satelite network to become a wired network. In the mean time, he created a big smash hit multiplayer game: Graalonline. Working tirelessly, he soon end up magician in chief, head of a digital producing group: Eurocenter Group, wich gives him a complete experimentation freedom.


Stephane Portha’s faith in the digital entertainement kept him fit. In 2007, he won a second gold medal by producing the very first games available on Appstore. His company, renamed Eurocenter Games, designed Graalonline Zone, the first game available on the smartphone iOS platform. He won the digital long distance enternaining race, thanks to three more versions of Graalonline. He marketed Graalonline classical +, taking place in a medieval universe, with modern playable functions. He designed Graalonline Zone +, taking place in a spatial hostile universe. And he produced Era +, screening the players in an actual urban surrounding, in wich they must build their own criminal kingdoms. With 8 millions games sold on Appstore, Stéphane Portha is definitively the french digital champion.


Mr Portha’s gift, sharpened by an endless passionated work, made him the french digital pioneer. Three versions of Graalonline are available today, designed for the modern platforms such as iOS or Android. With 8 millions games sold on Appstore, Stéphane Portha achieved his goal: beeing the french digital main entertainer.

30 Years Experience

221 Completed Projects

Million of Clients